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Therapy delivered virtually or in person with precautions  at this time.


Supporting the whole person, valuing all facets on one's life

Krysti Dedi 


About Krysti

Krysti Dedi has a Masters of Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, two years intensive post-graduate training in Art Therapy at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, as well as a Bachelor degree with majors in Fine Arts, English and Psychology. She is a professional and certified member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association of Canada. 

Children, Youth and Families

Krysti has been actively working with children, youth and their families in a counselling, advocacy, and education role for more than 15 years. Krysti has designed and taught programs in Introductory Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development for Red River College and the satellite Ndinawae Program. Krysti has also designed and provided professional development training for various school divisions in Manitoba including Seine River School Division, Interlake School Division, and Seven Oaks SchoolDivision. She has worked at Marymound School providing treatment planning, specialized assessment, Individual Educational Planning (IEP) and behavioural planning, as well as crisis counselling for over a decade before transitioning into private practice.

Krysti has demonstrated expertise in:

· Child, Youth and Family Therapy

· Individual and Group Counselling

· Working with at-risk populations

· Working with complex trauma

· Mediation and the development of parenting and family plans

· Parenting Education & Skills Training

· Specialized counselling for social skill building, self-esteem, anger management, emotional regulation, anxiety and depression.

Adult Specialized Services

Individual sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of each adult client. Therapy works to serve the needs of each client by processing the past, present and future aspects of each person in a safe and understanding environment.

Therapeutic Goals

Krysti is sensitive to each individual’s unique personal journey. She uses a therapeutic approach that highlights the working alliance that values the supportive relationship between client and their therapist. Whether brief treatment or long term therapy, Krysti believes in working along side her clients to achieve their personal goals. Krysti believes in treating the whole person, acknowledging the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.

Issues addressed in therapy may include attachment, sexual/physical and emotional abuse, loss and separation, self image and self esteem, learning difficulties, self harm, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress reduction and meditation, among others. Krysti has worked closely with individuals from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and diverse personal needs.

Our Services

Questions? Just send a text (204-396-2250) or an email (

*Sessions are virtual or in person with COVID-19 precautions. We use a phone calls, emails, FaceTime, What's app or Zoom platforms.

Individual session

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Sessions are offered weekly or bi-weekly for individuals. Sessions are available during weekdays and with select availability in the early evening (no weekend spots are available at this time).


Consultation Services available by request. Sessions are 50 minutes. 

Caregiver and Child sessions

Therapy sessions include individual and combination sessions to explore relationships, family dynamics and other important issues at home. Sessions range from 60-80 minutes. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are available when offered or by request from agencies. Past Groups included themes on Anxiety, Depression, Teen health, Self-care, Self-harm, Risk behaviours and other Mental Health themes. Sessions run 60-120 minutes.

Cost per session $110+

Pay by: E-transfer, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and by Health spending account. 

Accepted Insurance plans: Equity Life, Manulife, Victims Services.

*If you have insurance coverage, please explore you coverage to see if it covers this particular service. Many providers have strict or narrow coverage that may not include all types of therapy. 


Two Locations:

51 St.Anne's Rd. (Suite C)


8 HWY 12 North






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